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Chief Investigators

Prof Anne Taylor

Prof Taylor is Epidemiological Principal Investigator of the North West Adelaide Health Study and the Head of the Population Research and Outcomes Studies in the Discipline of Medicine at The University of Adelaide.  She is an epidemiologist and holds a PhD. Anne has managed many large-scale population studies over the last decade and has been at the cutting edge of research, establishing the efficacy of different approaches to population studies, especially telephone survey methodologies.

She has a well-developed interest in the population perspective of chronic disease monitoring and surveillance, and represents the state on national committees addressing the need for standardised and comparable approaches to data collection. Prof Taylor oversees much of the management of the North West Adelaide Health Study that is conducted within PROS (Population Research and Outcomes Studies).

Prof Robert Adams

Prof Adams is Clinical Principal Investigator of the North West Adelaide Health Study, a respiratory physician at the Adelaide Health Service, which comprises both The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Lyell McEwin Hospital, and a member of the Discipline of Medicine at The University of Adelaide.  He is the Director of the Health Observatory, Basil Hetzel Research Institute at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where he has a focus on health care system improvement and innovative approaches for chronic disease prevention and healthy lifestyles.  He is the inaugural Chair of the SA Health Literacy Alliance, a diverse group of 60 members from university, health, education, research and clinical and community sectors, formed to provide leadership and support for developing and applying the concept of health literacy as a means of equitably improving health and wellbeing.

Assoc Prof Kay Price

A/Prof Kay Price works in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of South Australia.  Kay’s expertise is in applying critical analytical approaches to complex questions, integrating biomedical, political and social understandings and interrogating findings from different theoretical perspectives. Her goal is to assist in solving the paradox of having a growing biomedical and clinical evidence base on the one hand and an increasing burden of chronic disease worldwide.  Her work focuses on translating what we learn from our research with people with chronic conditions into influential practices implemented by

reflective health professionals. 

Assoc Prof Catherine Hill

A/Prof Catherine Hill is a Consultant Rheumatologist at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH). She completed Rheumatology Advanced Training in Adelaide.  She then spent 2 years at Boston University Clinical Epidemiology Research and Training Unit investigating the epidemiology of musculoskeletal diseases, including completing a Masters in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Boston University School of Public Health (2000). Whilst in Boston, she undertook studies of magnetic resonance imaging in knee osteoarthritis, the link between cancer and poly- and dermatomyositis and randomised clinical trial (RCT) methodology.  Her current research activities include Chief Investigator of NHRMC-funded multicentre RCT of fish oil in knee osteoarthritis, the relationship between malignancy and connective tissue diseases, population studies of musculoskeletal disease (using data from North West Adelaide Health Study) and most recently, the establishment of the South Australian Giant Cell Arthritis Registry. She was awarded a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in 2009 for 'MRI analysis of Knee Osteoarthritis'. She is a core member of the Australian Committee for Prescription Medicine of The Therapeutics Goods Administration.


Emeritus/Past Chief Investigators

Emeritus Prof Richard Ruffin

Prof Ruffin retired in July 2010 as head of the Discipline of Medicine at The University of Adelaide.  He is an internationally recognised expert in respiratory medicine and is involved in many research projects. Some of his interests include the effects of air quality on asthma, the impact of smoking in the household on children with asthma, and the role of zinc in normal and inflamed airways. Added to this were his clinical duties at The Queen Elizabeth and Lyell McEwin Hospitals.

Prof Ruffin will continue to advise on treatment of asthma and chronic lung disease as a result of the information gained by the North West Adelaide Health Study, and to review data from the study.

Prof David Wilson

Prof Wilson retired in February 2011 but will maintain professional associations as a senior epidemiologist and research scientist with the Health Observatory and The University of Adelaide Discipline of Medicine. He has an international reputation in the field of public health and has keenly followed changes in chronic diseases in the South Australian population over many years. He was instrumental in establishing the Health Omnibus Survey (HOS - a survey of health conditions and health-related behaviour of adult South Australians which provides information on a number of health issues and how they change over time) which has been conducted every year since 1990. Prof Wilson has examined North West Adelaide Health Study results to investigate chronic conditions and health-related risk factors.

Dr Pat Phillips

Dr Phillips retired in 2012 as the Senior Director of the Diabetes Centre and Endocrinology at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He has for many years been at the forefront of diabetes research and treatment. His recognition of the importance of gathering population information on diabetes has lead to the setting up of the North West Adelaide Health Study. Dr Phillips was keen to monitor the high rate of undiagnosed diabetes in the population. He was concerned that there are perhaps as many people with diabetes of which they are not aware as there are people diagnosed with diabetes.

The North West Adelaide Health Study provided information to help Dr Phillips promote the recognition of undiagnosed diabetes in the community, as well as improve the management of people who are already diagnosed with diabetes.

Management Committee members

The other researchers on the Management Committee are:

Dr Sarah Appleton - The Health Observatory, The University of Adelaide

Dr Tiffany Gill – Population Research and Outcome Studies, The University of Adelaide

Dr Zumin Shi - Population Research and Outcome Studies, The University of Adelaide

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